You're Not Alone

1 min. readlast update: 10.17.2023

Did you know that half of all women will suffer from hair loss in their lifetime? It’s a staggering figure and one that our team of doctors, scientists and beauty experts intend to change. 

Thanks to scientific advancements over the last decade, regrowing hair is now possible. But that fragile hair will only grow and survive if the scalp is fertile and the hair is nourished – critical elements that have been long overlooked. 

With that, our mission was clear. Powered by two groundbreaking keratin proteins and born from regenerative medicine, we developed a brand new approach specifically for female hair loss. Our treatments cleanse, purify, and enrichen the scalp, creating fertile ground for hair to grow. As each new hair emerges, it’s nourished and strengthened so it can survive and thrive. 

The results have been incredible – dramatically thicker, fuller, healthier hair – and we’re just getting started.

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