Do Virtue® products contain silicones?

2 min. readlast update: 10.17.2023

Silicones provide smoothness, softness, detangling, and frizz-fighting properties to hair. They coat the strands to help protect from moisture that can cause frizz, natural moisture loss, and heat styling like blow drying and flat ironing. Virtue uses lightweight silicones that improve lubricity to keep hair soft, smooth, hydrated, and frizz free.

That said, not all silicones are created equally. Virtue's product development team has specially formulated our products with the best silicones at the proper levels. Some silicones are too heavy and can coat the hair, leaving it flat, dull, and lifeless. If silicones are not used at the right level, they can leave buildup on the hair that can block color, for example, from optimal penetration.  

Some silicones, specifically cyclical silicones, are restricted in the EU and the UK due to environmental concerns. While there are limits when using these cyclical silicones in rinse-off products, they provide extra slip and lubricity in leave-on products. At Virtue, we follow all global regulations related to silicones. As new efficacious, silicone replacements become available, our product development team will look to use these as well.

The following Virtue products are silicone free:

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