Do Virtue® products have SPF in them?

1 min. readlast update: 10.17.2023

 Most of Virtue’s products incorporate UV/solar protection to shield against the color fading/distorting, drying, and damaging effects of the sun’s rays.* UV/solar protection is general protection, but not associated with SPF protection. SPF protection can only be attributed to skin; thus, haircare products can not claim SPF protection as per FDA guidelines. The only products that can claim SPF protection are products specifically for (bald) scalps (skin) and this follows the same FDA monograph for skin/body SPF products.

*Some of Virtue®️’s older, original formulas did not incorporate UV/solar protection; however, all new products formulated within the past 1 1/2–2 years and going forward incorporate UV/solar protection.

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