How do I know what curl type I have?

1 min. readlast update: 10.17.2023

Curl resources have pioneered a classification system, ranging from 2A to 4C, that makes it easier to identify your curl pattern. The number refers to curl families, while the letter points to how tightly wound your curls are. Curl type 1 is pretty much the absence of curl—in other words, straight. Type 2 means waves, while 3s are spiraled curls, and 4s are kinks and coils. 

Curl types can be described broader in the following terms:
2: Hair with waves. A–C is determined by the depth of the wave.
3: Hair with curls. A–C is determined by the tightness of the curl.
4: Hair with kinks/zig zags. A–C is determined by the compression of the kinks/zigzags.



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