Rewards Tiers & Points

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What are the reward tiers and how do I earn points?

There are three reward tiers based on your salon’s quarterly purchases: To achieve Virtue® Enthusiast rewards, spend at least $1,251 in the quarter and earn 6% back in points; to achieve Virtue® Insider rewards, spend at least $2,501 and earn 9% back in points; to achieve Virtue® Expert status, spend $6,251 or more and earn 12% back in points. Each reward tier unlocks additional benefits. Learn more here.


I’m a new salon partner. When do I start earning points?

You earn points on every order in the quarter—including your opening package! 


When are points issued?

Points will be posted to your account within 8 days of the calendar quarter closing. You will receive an email notification when they are available. If you purchase through a distributor, submit your rewards redemption form within 30 days of the start of the quarter.


When do my rewards points expire?

Rewards points expire 30 days after the date they are issued. They cannot be carried over into the next quarter. We’ll send you a reminder before they expire.


Where can I find my quarterly spend and reward tier?

Log in to and tap on Rewards Points to see your current rewards tier and to track your earnings for next quarter.


Where can I see how many points I have to spend?

Your points balance is available in a few locations: (1) Log in and tap Rewards Points on your account dashboard. You’ll see your balance, along with when and how many points are expiring; (2) Log in and tap My Orders page on your account dashboard; (3) If you have available points, you will see them as a payment option at checkout.


Can my reward tier change? What happens if I don’t meet the minimum?

Yes. Rewards are based on your quarterly purchases, so the more you sell and service with Virtue, the higher your reward. If you do not meet the minimum $1,251 spend for the quarter, you will not earn rewards on your purchases.


If I need to return a product, will that affect my points?

Points issued on returned items will be deducted from the next quarter’s earnings.


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