ColorKick De-Brassing

Is this shampoo suitable for all hair types/colors?Will Virtue®️’s ColorKick®️ De-Brassing Shampoo enhance color vibrancy and neutralizing brassiness?What is the pH of Colorkick® De-Brassing Shampoo?How does the Virtue®️ De-Brassing Shampoo compare to other purple shampoos on the market?Is this shampoo suitable for natural shades of blonde and silver, as well as single process color orWill the purple in theDe-Brassing Shampoo tint or stain light blonde or silver hair if used often?Can I apply De-Brassing Shampoo on dry hair? How long should I leave it on before rinsing?Is ColorKick®️ De-Brassing Shampoo formula gluten free?How is Virtue®️’s Alpha Keratin 60ku®️ especially beneficial in this formula?Will it dry out my hair?I left ColorKick®️ De-Brassing shampoo in too long. What do I do?What are the ingredients that reduce yellow tones and remove brassiness? What can I expect to see after using this product? How much should I use?Does ColorKick®️ De-Brassing Shampoo provide heat protection?What is the fragrance profile / description in ColorKick®️ De-Brassing Shampoo?Which Virtue®️ shampoo do you recommend using on the days when not using De-Brassing shampoo?Can I use ColorKick®️ De-Brassing Shampoo daily if I like?Compare the results of De-Brassing shampoo to Purifying Shampoo and Exfoliating Treatment Mask.Can I use ColorKick®️ De-Brassing Shampoo with other purple shampoos and conditioners?Is it good only for color-treated hair, or could all hair benefit?Can I use ColorKick®️ De-Brassing shampoo on my extensions?Will it build-up in my hair? Which Virtue®️ conditioner or treatment do you recommend pairing with the De-Brassing Shampoo?Is the ColorKick®️ De-Brassing Shampoo formula “clean”?Is ColorKick®️ De-Brassing Shampoo formula vegan?What hair type is this best for?Does De-Brassing Shampoo provide protection from further brassiness and yellowing with repeated use?What type of testing was performed on this formula to validate efficacy?Will it affect the lifting process or color depositing the next time my stylist colors or highlightsWill ColorKick®️ De-Brassing Shampoo strip or distort color if used too frequently?Is there a suggested usage or amount of time to work through the hair for maximum de-brassing?How often do you recommend using for optimal de-brassing and neutralize yellowing?